Vol 10 – Comical Exeter


A further selection from the Christine Trigger Postcard Collection
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This, the 10th book in the ‘Postcards from Exeter’ series, contains drawings, cartoons and paintings about the lighter side of a bygone age in the city.
The cards bear postmarks dating from 1901 through to 1928. Well known postcard publishers included Valentines and J. Salmon of Sevenoaks, with some cards printed in Saxony and Germany. Postage was typically charged at a rate of either one halfpenny (where only one signature was allowed) or one penny (for those wishing to include a message, both to be written on the back of the card).
Types of cards range from the romantic, exotic, artistic and clever to cheery, charming, funny and rude. Messages frequently tell stories of travelling to Exeter, the weather and how much the sender is enjoying their holiday. An unusual comment on a Topsham card showing a washing line remarks ‘I hope your socks aren’t like this.’

Most of the postcards contain a flap on the front which when lifted reveals up to a dozen mini pictures of places to be visited in Exeter. These unfold like a concertina and include views of the Cathedral, Guildhall and main streets of the city, but also Northernhay Park (not Gardens), Exeter Castle, St. Mary Steps Church, Exe Bridge, the canal and Countess Wear bridge. It is believed these types of novelty postcards were produced for different towns with place names being substituted and the views under the flap applied to the individual place.