Vol 1 -Postcards from Exeter


Ian Jubb’s collection was used for this first book.
This is our first book in the Postcards from Exeter series.
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We have set out on a voyage of rediscovery . . . to unravel Exeter’s past through the detail of people, buildings and events recorded onto postcards and sent to loved ones and friends worldwide.

This is Volume One of a series of booklets showing scenes of Exeter’s past. The volumes will build into a collection that will allow all of us fascinated by the past of this great city to keep its history alive in our own families.

Our special thanks to Ian Jubb who has kindly permitted us the courtesy of glimpsing into the Ian Jubb Exeter Collection for this trip down memory lane.

The pictures and events are in no particular order and if you drop us a line with more detailed information on any of the postcards we would be very grateful.