The Exeter Alphabet

The Exeter Alphabet is the sixth postcard book in the Postcards from Exeter series.

This is the sixth book in the Postcards from Exeter series. The theme has originated from many requests received when giving a lecture entitled “Exeter From A to Z”.

The history of the city encapsulated into letters of the alphabet, each illustrated with a postcard, was a difficult task. it was impossible to place the cards in a chronological date order.

Several weeks have been spent deciding the most appropriate selection of the 26 letters – with sometimes two postcards needing to be chosen in order to fill the forty pages. some buildings could not be omitted when completing Exeter’s history – such as the Cathedral and Guildhall. Others were simply discarded because of. Duplication of the same initial letter, such as the Catacomb and Roman Wall. My apologies to anyone who feels a particular subject should have been included.
The letters that became the most difficult to find an appropriate postcard for were, J, X, Y and Z and for these I have taken certain liberties. In most cases I have attempted to use rare or unusual postcards some of which have not been previously published.
As a former Chairman od the Exter Postcard Society, it is a pleasure to share part of my Exeter collection with people who read this book.
Christine Trigger – November 2009

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