Precious Moments was created in 1993, and we have now produced 11 books in the ‘Postcards from Exeter’ series. Postcards from Topsham volumes 1 and 2 are also available as well as Postcards from Devon Vol 1. We are a small publishing house based in St Thomas, Exeter, our main aim is to produce volumes of cards that come from private collections, giving the opportunity for a wider audience to enjoy the postcards that are being collected and trigger some personal memories of times gone by. Each book contains approximately 40 images and captions. Book One was produced from the Ian Jubb postcard collection, the following seven volumes, are all from the Christine Trigger postcard collection. Vol 9, the latest release is Trams of Exeter and is from the WHOTT collection. The first and second Postcards from Topsham volumes are kindly reproduced from the Dr Sandru Bhanji postcard collection. We hope to expand the number of town and cities that we cover in the series as time goes by. We are always keen for collectors of postcards to contact us if they would like to publish part of their collection.ABOUT OUR AUTHORS:

IAN JUBB: Ian is Exeter through and through, he has an amazing collection of postcards of Exeter. Can often be found helping Exeter City and is an ardent supporter.

CHRISTINE TRIGGER: Christine was born in Exeter and has lived in the city for most of her life. She is a well-known lecturer on local history and served as an Exeter Redcoat Voluntury Guide for eleven years. Christine’s lasting legacies to Exeter are five books in the Postcards From Exeter series and a ‘Local History Trail around St. Thomas’ self-guided free leaflet available from St.Thomas Library.

SADRU BHANJI: Sadru Bhanji was born in Yorkshire, but moved across the Pennines when aged three. He trained in medicine at Guy’s Hospital and after working in London came to Exeter in 1977 as a health service consultant and senior lecturer to the University of Exeter. On the advice of a friend he took up local history as a retirement hobby and has since carried out research into a variety of topics. He is married and has lived in Topsham since shortly after his arrival in Devon. WHOTT The West Country Historic Omnibus & Transport Trust – is currently seeking to establish a museum of commercial travel and transport in the west country.
Marlene Smith

Image of a tram

This amazing shot of a tram on the old Exe Bridge is a wonderful example of Old Exeter. The vehicles and the characters that the shot captured are amazing.