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    History in pictures

    Take a trip down memory lane with Precious Moments.

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    History in action

    See how the people of Exeter got around using transport of old.

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    Time gone by

    See how today's landmarks were once just a part of life.

Images that capture the people and places of bygone years.

Our Story

Images capture the people and places of bygone years. They are a true record of the times gone by, showing the hardships that were endured, memories of a slower age, beautiful buildings that have been destroyed by the work of the German airforce or our own town planners, open spaces that have been replaced by urban sprawl, styles of clothes, faces staring out of the images from a much less affluent time. Collecting postcards of a bygone age is very addictive, time consuming and also very rewarding. I hope that when you choose to purchase one of our ‘Postcards from Exeter and Postcards from Topsham’ series, you will look deep into each card, and lose yourself in a slice of pure nostalgia. Please go to our on-line shop and purchase your favourite volume for only £7.99 plus p&p. Each volume contains approximately 40 pages of image and description and make a superb gift or keep sake. If you have any old postcards of Exeter please let us know. We may like to purchase them from you!!!!

Marlene Smith – proprietor Nigel Bush from Exwick, Exeter says: “I have found all of your books absolutely fascinating”

image of volume 6 cover

The Exeter Alphabet Volume 6 Postcards from the Christine Trigger Postcard Collecton. Beautiful books of photos of old postcards. 40 cards per book. Superb value at only £7.99 plus £1 p&p.